Manfred Enderle "Die Pilzflora des Ulmer Raumes"

May 2004 521 pages Price: 24,50 Euro

New mycological book on the Fungus Flora of the Ulm area/Southern Germany

Key Features:

Book comprises about 2800 fungal species on 521 pages, including many photographs of rare and interesting fungi as well as habitus and microscopical drawings. This extremely comprehensive local fungus flora has been enthusiastically welcome and commented on by many professional and amateur mycologists in more than 15 countries! It is surely one of the most detailed local fungus floras of Germany and it also contains the description of 2 new agaric species (nova spec.) and one new variety.

You can look at the book on homepage, and read about 20 examplary pages there.

The book is sold at an extremely low cost price of 24,50 Euro. Books with a similar making normally cost 2 or 3 times more! (This extremly low price was made due to tax reasons).

Please, if you are interested to buy a book address the author:

Manfred Enderle

Member of the Germany Mycological Society
Am Wasser 22
D-89340 Leipheim-Riedheim
Tel. 08221-7557