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This web page provides information about resources for veterinary mycology. If you have information you would like posted here, please send it to the EMA Webmaster. For each item listed, a hyperlink is provided to its internet site or, where this is not possible, a contact name and address or some other identifying information. Additional explanatory information may then follow. Where the name of the item is not in English, a translation may be provided in italics in square brackets after that information, followed where appropriate by the geographical region to which the item relates, then the principal language of the item and, in alphabetical order, other languages used.

Current update: 2019.03.03

Chytridiomycosis, Australian fact sheet and links with information about chytrid infections of frogs [English]
Disappearing Frogs, Australian website with information about chytrid infections of amphibians [English]
Infection of amphibians with chytrid fungus resulting in chytridiomycosis, Australian Threat Abatement Plan [English]
Hygiene protocols for the control of diseases in Australian frogs [English]
Experimental research to obtain a better understanding of the epidemiology, transmission and dispersal of amphibian chytrid fungus in Australian ecosystems, and Experimental research to obtain a better understanding of the pathogenesis of chytridiomycosis, and the susceptibility and resistance of key amphibian species to chytridiomycosis in Australia, companion reports for the Threat Abatement Plan [English]
Fish Stocking May Spread Amphibian Disease, information about fungal infections of amphibians [English]
Frog Disease, information about chytrid infection of frogs in Tasmania [English]
Frog Chytrid fungus, by the Office of Environment & Heritage of Australia [English]
Hygiene Protocol for Control of Disease in Frogs, information about dealing with chytrid infection of frogs in New South Wales [English]
Pesticides Blamed for Killing our Rarest Frogs, chytrids not responsible for deaths of frogs in New Zealand [English]

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